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WELCOME TO the high altitude museum

If you are interested in the mountains and are visiting La Paz, Bolivia you cannot miss visiting this unique Museum. Learn what is altitude. See the great men that began to discover the secrets of the rarefied air, that you are breathing. Look at the equipment used to measure Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and other gases. Learn why your abdomen is filled with gas. Learn about cooking at high altitude. Is the coca leaf tea, useful for Acute Mountain Sickness? Ponder about the mysteries, myths and the unique stories, like the birth of a healthy baby at 5300m in Chacaltaya, when it is believed all around the world that it is impossible. Appreciate the mountain sports. Is it risky to dive at high altitude? look at Chipayas 2000 years of high altitude residence in their habitat 60 years ago, and much more....., like:

A soccer game at 6542m !read more

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There is a long history of high altitude medicine

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