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  Our University is a non-profit institution dedicated to education and research. Please be generous and help with this altruistic effort by donating either equipment or funds in order to enhance the scientific production of over 45 years started at the High Altitude Pathology Institute, the "mother" institution of Zubieta University. The High altitude Museum is part of this joint project.

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  Philanthropist Phi*lan"thro*pist, n. Gr. fila`nqrwpos; fi`los loving + 'a`nqrwpos man: cf. F. philanthrope. 1. One who practices philanthropy; one who loves mankind, and seeks to promote the good of others;

Anthropologist Michael Moretti

Third World Academy of Sciences

We thank these individuals and organization that have in some way collaborated with IPPA. High Altitude Residents from Bolivia and around the world benefit through the altruistic knowledge achieved over many years of research that helps improve the quality of life.

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