Museo de la Altura

education at the high altitude museum


This is the perfect place to visit in order to learn about high altitude. Were you aware that your body is holding the weight of the atmosphere? This at sea level is 760 mmHg of pressure. In La Paz, at 3500 m it is 1/3 less than the sea level pressure.


If you go up in an air balloon at around 10000 m you will loose conscience.


See what your oxygen level in La Paz is.


And much more.


Schools have a special deal. Please call us at: 77585175.



English speaking guides available

20 US$

Street address

Tel: (591-2) 77585175

Rio Soqueri # 55

La Paz, Bolivia

A una cuadra de la Avenida del Poeta, cerca a la gruta

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Science at high altitude