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Aug 2 - 9 , 2008     La Paz - Bolivia

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High Altitude Pathology
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First Symposium Follow-up



Early registration: June 30
Abstract Submit:   July 1

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Welcome message

Post-Symposium follow-up

From the organizers of the

First World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

and the

First Symposium on the Effect of Chronic Hypoxia on Diseases at High Altitude

High Altitude Pathology Institute
Zubieta University


Adaptation and acclimatization to high altitude

Adaptation of highlanders to sea level

Soccer and other sports at high altitude

Diving at high altitude

Chronic Mountain Sickness

Adaptation to extreme hypoxia

The carotid body at high altitude

High altitude ophthalmology

Aviation hypoxia

High Altitude Anthropology

Other high altitude diseases

2nd Announcement

Diablos Bolivia


A beautiful colorful land with extraordinary mountains, valleys and amazon.

See some beautiful photos !!
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Following the successful 1st Symposium in 2005 .....Once more, we are proud to invite you to a friendly ¨itinerant¨ and relaxed scientific and culture gathering in Bolivia with visits to different cities and conferences that will begin in the city of La Paz, the World Capital of Hypoxia and the Shrine of Hypoxia Scientists, and continue in Tiahuanacu (Pre-Inca ruins), the Titicaca Lake (The highest navigable lake in the world), Chacaltaya at 5300 m, and to finish in Coroico, the tropical rainforest close to La Paz

Latest news

Please send us the title of your talks as we are now developing the preliminary program. Feb, 2008.

We have many distinguished colleagues from around the globe who have expressed their wish to participate!! There is also a lot of news that can be accessed by clicking here:

We are pleased to inform that The Wilderness and Environmental Medicine (WEM) Journal will again publish the Abstracts of the symposium. We thank the Chief Editor Prof. Bob Norris from Stanford University and Jonna Barry the coordinator.

We wish to thank UNESCO for their most valuable support to this scientific event making it possible to carry out a world class international event in La Paz, Bolivia for the ultimate benefit of the inhabitants of high altitude.

The Abstracts for the 1st symposium can be reached here



   contact: zubieta@altitudeclinic.com