Lake Titicaca


February 23 - March 2 , 2019     La Paz - Bolivia



High Altitude Pathology
Clinica IPPA


   DEADLINES in 2016

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July 30th

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 Sept 1st


We invite you to visit the following websites to learn more about your upcoming visit to our beautiful country. (These links will open in a new window.)La Paz: Bolivia WebCity of La PazTihuanaku: The Mysterious CityTiahuanacu templeLake Titicaca: Cradle of Incan CivilizationLake TiticacaAngels of Calamarca: Galeria de AngelesAngeles de Calamarca paintingsOruro: Carnaval in OruroCarnaval de Oruro

We will visit the Salt Lakes also.

Visit the International Society of Chronic Hypoxia Website

Made up of Physicians, PhD scientists and others who share a common interest in the physiology, pathology and treatment of high altitude medical conditions of a chronic hypoxic etilogy.  We span the continents of Europe, Asia ,  North and South America,  and Australia.  Our members are located in countries such as India, Russia, Denmark, Canada, USA, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Czech Republic,  France, Netherlands and Italy.