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                               Nov 23 - Mar 2, 2019    La Paz - Bolivia

High Altitude Pathology
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Welcome !!!    Bienvenidos !!!!

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Chronic Hypoxia:

As you all know, my father Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta Castillo, passed away on Sept 17, 2015. He had an extraordinarily fruitful life. One of the fruits is the Chronic Hypoxia Symposiums, that we organized together. It was all great, great fun. He was a most enthusiastic and splendid scientist. We now dance in the ball, without him. But the roads he left are our course, the resources he left are our tools, the ideas he created, many of which were bold and audacious, are our guiding light.

We are so proud to invite you to join us in this next meeting, the 7th one. Please note that we switched from the usual Roman Numerals to the Actual Arabic numbers, for the sake of symplicity.In short, we now refer to it as 7CHS.

The first 3 CHS, were carried out in La Paz and surrounding areas. Thanks to the coordination of Prof. Thuppil Venkatesh from St. Johns University in Bangalore, India, we carried out under the direction of Prof. Shashi Bala Singh, Director of Defense Institute of physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), in New Dehli, India 9-12 August,2012 the GLOBAL HYPOXIA SUMMIT & 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CHRONIC HYPOXIA.

The V Chronic Hypoxia Symposium came back to La Paz. It was truly splendid. We had great scientists discussing their work under chronic hypoxia. The trips we make, allow our visitors to give their talks in different places (itinerant, an original idea by Gustavo Sr.) but also observe life under these different environments.

You will see how people live normal lives at this altitude in spite of poverty and lack of resources, showing the strength of nature in order to adapt and survive. Likewise, you will observe that high altitude is quite tolerable and perhaps a healthier place to live in. And we will definitely have interesting discussions as we usually do at our meetings. We are not slaves of time frames but free thinkers! (when free time is available).

Polyerythrocythemia, the term Gustavo Sr. used to precisely describe what most refer to as Chronic Mountain Sickness, is a subject of great interest in many parts of the world currently. We now have the opportunity to carry on with these revolutionary concepts and to hear some newer ones that you will all present. We will once more learn from each other and move our steering wheel towards reason and intuition. It is interesting to note, that great scientists follow their intuition. Thus Gustavo Sr. affirmed six months before the end: "Intuition surpasses intelligent logic". So our invitation is to present your work, that is born out of intuition and not from peer pressure that often bends reality.

Here in La Paz, the highest capital in the world, we wait for you, dear friends, once more..

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja

Dr. Natalia Zubieta-DeUrioste


The Uyuni Salt Lake

   contact: zubieta@altitudeclinic.com