This book is for the student of medical physiology. It contains practical clinical problems for preclinical students; just following the preclinical test the clinical students face real life problems during clinical courses. The book is aimed at easing the transfer to the clinic and act as a refresher for medical doctors.

Medical physiology and pathophysiology integrates basic topics and the patho-physiological mechanisms governing human life.

We wish to thank the illustrator and designer of the book, Kirsten McCord, who has drawn all illustrations and acted as the prime technical editor.

We acknowledge the kind assistance of: Peter Bie, Jesper Brahm, Per Bredmose, Poul Dyhre –Poulsen, Lars Findsen, Ole Frederiksen, Rolf Gideon, Albert Gjedde, Finn Gustavsson, Niels Henrik Holstein-Ratlou, Jørn Hounsgaard, Jens Ingeman Jensen, Finn Michael Karlsen, Paul P. Leyssac, Margrethe Lynggaard, Joop Madsen, Miroslaw Pokorski, Ole Siggaard-Andersen, Jørgen Skydsgaard, Marek Treiman, Thomas Zeuthen, Jørgen Warberg and others. Likewise, Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo (Sr.), Luis Zubieta-Calleja, Gustavo Ardaya Zubieta from the High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology Institute (IPPA). and others. We apologize to the colleagues and students who have contributed without being mentioned here.

To the student

The student is recommended to read this book in the following way. The first time reader of a Chapter is advised to read first of all Highlights The next step is to read only Study Objectives, Definitions and the running text Essentials. The Definitions and Highlights are taken from the running text and represent repeated core material. The link frame on the left of each chapter is already organized this way. Throughout the book, you will find links to illustrations (Fig.) and equations (Eq.).

After reading the book in this way, it is advisable to deal with the sections Pathophysiology, Equations, and Self-Assessment just before the final examination. Some of the Case Histories in a Chapter present numeric problems.

Poul-Erik Paulev & Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja

Copenhagen, Denmark

ISBN 87-984078-0-5