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Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology  

Essentials and clinical problems

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Poul-Erik Paulev, M.D., D.Sci

Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja, M.D., FPVRI


Department of Medical Physiology

University of Copenhagen


Section  I: Cellular Physiology

Chapter 1

Cells and Action potentials

Chapter 2 Muscle cells and disorders

Section  II: The Nervous System

Chapter 3

Somatosensory system and disorders

Chapter 4 Brain function, locomotion and disorders
Chapter 5 Special senses and disorders
Chapter 6 Autonomic system and disorders
Chapter 7 Neurological and psychiatric disorders

Section  III: The Circulatory System

Chapter 8

Cardiovascular physiology and disorders

Chapter 9 Systemic resistance and disorders
Chapter 10 Cardiac performance and disorders
Chapter 11 Cardiac action potentials and disorders
Chapter 12 Bloodflow, distribution and shock

Section  IV: The Respiratory System

Chapter 13

Mechanics of breathing

Chapter 14 Pulmonary gas exchange and disorders
Chapter 15 Blood gas transport and disorders
Chapter 16 Control of respiration. High altitude
Chapter 17 Acid-base balance and disorders
Chapter 18 Exercise, sports and doping
Chapter 19 Flying, space life and diving

Section  V:  Metabolism and Gastrointestinal Function

Chapter 20

Metabolism and nutritional disorders

Chapter 21 Thermoregulation, temperature and disorders
Chapter 22 Gastrointestinal function and disorders
Chapter 23 Hepato-pancreatic function and disorders

Section  VI: The Kidneys And

The Body Fluids

Chapter 24

Body fluids and their regulation

Chapter 25 Renal physiology and disease

Section  VII: Endocrine Glands

Chapter 26

The hypothalamo-pituitary system and ectopic hormones
Chapter 27 Blood glucose and diabetes
Chapter 28 Thyroid hormones and disorders
Chapter 29 Sexual satisfaction, reproduction and disorders
Chapter 30 Other hormones and disorders
Chapter 31 The human genome and genetic disorders
Chapter 32 Immunology and immune system disorders
Chapter 33 Infectious disorders

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